Fall Festival

This year, our Fall Festival is going to be bigger,  better, and more fun than anything we’ve done before. Speaking of fun, there’s going to be a crazy amount of giant inflatables to play on. For those music fans out there, Fall Festival will have some really good bands for your enjoyment with everything from bluegrass, blues, jazz, rock and even more. It doesn’t stop there, though. We’re going to have fireworks, food trucks, hay rides, rock walls and the list goes on. But you know what? This isn’t just for you. Don’t go holding out on your friends, neighbors and family. Bring them on November, 10th from 3 to 7. We aren’t throwing this festival for ourselves. Sure, we want everyone at Mt. Horeb to have a great time, but we want this to be a treasured, fun time for everyone in our  community. It’s already going to be a night you won’t forget, but let’s make sure it’s an evening Lexington remembers.