Ask-A-Mom Cookie Bakers

Cookies = Connection + Conversation

Mt. Horeb has partnered with a group of ladies in our community who are serving in a ministry called “Ask-A-Mom.” These ladies take individually wrapped, homemade cookies to the University of South Carolina campus every week and pass them out to students. The goal is to provide a loving presence on the campus where students can come and “ask a mom” for advice, prayer or just a hug. This relational ministry is having a huge impact on students. The cookies draw them in but it’s the love they receive that keeps them coming back!

Would you be willing to serve as one of the cookie bakers?

It’s super simple, just click on their sign-up link HERE and look for dates that work for you. Bake the cookies you signed up for and drop them off at one of the sites listed on the signup page or at Mt. Horeb’s secretary’s desk (there is a labeled bin). You can bake every week, once or month or whenever it suits your schedule. You never have to go to campus – the cookies are baked in your home and dropped off at a convenient location here in Lexington. 

The moms on campus send out a “Ask-A-Mom Conversations” email so you can keep up with and pray for the conversations each week. To receive this email, click on the sign up link above and click “contact.”

How powerful is it that students are seeking out the counsel of Godly women? What an incredible way to engage the next generation and offer the love of Christ, along with a cookie!

The Spring 2024 semester goes through April and there are still spots to fill from now until April 22, 2024.