We all want to be a part of something significant. We want to make a difference! We dream of making an impact and leaving the world better than we found it. Some people try and change the world all alone, but the people who’ve made the biggest and most positive differences know you can’t do anything truly significant on your own.

Jesus told us this on his last day on earth. He gave his followers a mission that would change the world – but he made it clear that since it would require us to take a stand for him, we couldn’t do it alone.

In this four-week series from the New Testament, we’ll learn from Jesus and some of his earliest followers that Jesus sends us on a mission – a mission that can bring healing, that requires boldness and that can only be accomplished together.


Hero’s are often sent on the coolest of missions. They have purpose, adventure and action and their job is literally to save the world. Often times, though, our lives feel like they can be repetitive, normal and maybe even boring. We want to live lives of purpose and vision and be energized by what we need to do. Well that is exactly how God designed us. And that is why Jesus sends us on a mission -one of purpose, that we can only accomplish with the help of others. In the Bible this mission is called “The Great Commission” and it was Jesus’ final instructions to all believers, before leaving earth.

Week 1: 4/12 & 4/16 – Bryce Holdman
Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20 | Romans 12:1-2 | Mark 16:15


What do you think of when you hear the word “bold?” A bold color? A bold choice? A bold fashion statement? Maybe you think about someone who’s not shy about their opinions or someone who’s often the center of attention. But there’s more to being bold than simply being noticed. 

The word “boldness” often comes up when we’re talking bout the mission Jesus has given us to share his message with the world. We might want to tell others about Jesus boldly and without fear, but . . . how? Well the apostle Paul reminds us that when we share Jesus message we have each other, and we have Jesus too. Because we can have confidence in Jesus’ power and strength (and not our own) we don’t have to be timid. We can be confident because Jesus sends us out boldly.

Week 2: 4/19 & 4/23 – Allie Redmond
Scripture: Matthew 10:26-31 | 2 Corinthians 4:5-7 | Psalm 100:5


Healing comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be physical, like from an injury, broken bone or stitches. Or maybe it’s healing in a relationship, like with a friend or family member you finally made things right with. Or maybe you’ve even experience the healing of a broken community in your city, school or church. Healing could also be personal, some type of spiritual or emotional introspection.

Whatever kind of healing you’ve experience, or that you can name, it’s the kind of healing that Jesus came to do. in the Gospels you can find him healing people physically, emotionally, spiritually and even bringing healing to relationships and whole communities.

What’s remarkable is that Jesus mission isn’t finished. In fact, though he isn’t still physically on earth with us, his followers are. And the Spirit still uses you and I to bring healing to people everyday. We get to join him in his work because Jesus sends us to bring healing to the world.

Week 3: 4/26 & 4/30 – Daniel “stallion” Stevanus
Scripture: Matthew 9:1-13 | Matthew 28:19-20 | Romans 12:9-18 | 1 Peter 2:24


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where what you wanted to communicate seemed so simple, but it came off really confusing? Maybe it was autocorrect not cooperating, or a poorly placed emoji, you were trying to compliment someone and instead they got really offended? Yeah, miscommunication is awkward, and we all do it sometimes.

Before Jesus left earth he gave us a pretty clear mission. Yes sometimes we seem to misunderstand what that mission is or how it’s supposed to work. For instance, we often think “ok, how can I accomplish his mission? What’s my role?” and we totally forget and mss that Jesus wasn’t asking us to do this alone. He was talking to all of us. Together. So maybe a better question is this: “What can we do, together?” Because Jesus’ mission requires all of us. That’s why Jesus sends us out together.

Week 4:
5/3 – Allie Redmond – rising 6th graders welcome to attend
5/7 – Trevor Miller – rising 9th graders welcome to attend

Scripture: Luke 10 | Acts 1:6-8 | Romans 5:1-8