Life is complicated. It is full of dangers and challenges that often go unnoticed and pull our attention away from God. As complex individuals, it is important that we have a 360* view of who we actually are. We are mind, heart and body, existing in a world that is vying for our attention. But, we were not created to be of this world. The full life available to us is only found when we know that Heaven is our home.


Most of us float through life without much consideration about where we are, who we’re with or what we do. Often when we finally stop to look around, we’ve found that our apathy has brought us to a place from which we can’t navigate home.

This, combined with a culture that is begging for our attention only adds to the confusion of figuring out what it means to be a Citizen of Heaven. In order to answer the question, “Where are you,” we must first recognize that our attention is not meant for this world.

Week 1: 8/16 & 8/20 – ALLIE REDMOND


The heart is the center of every human being. It is where everything flows from and often what dictates our decisions. The world would say, “follow your heart,” but God says our hearts will lead us astray. Your heart is not for everyone and every thing. 

A heart that is passionate for God and for the things of God offers peace, assurance and clear discernment for our lives.

Week 2: 8/23 & 8/27 – CHRIS MORGAN


The human body is a gift that God has given each of us to live in, steward and use to glorify Him. Perhaps you aren’t necessarily comfortable in the body you are in. Or, you’ve always seen your flesh as a tool for your own satisfaction.

However you view the body you have been given, are you viewing within it’s biblical design and purpose? It is only through true submission of our flesh that we can learn to live into the plan of our body’s Creator.

Week 3: 9/6 & 9/10 – ALLIE REDMOND


It’s estimated that humans have close to 70,000 thoughts per day. Many of these thoughts are unhealthy and lead us to places we don’t want to go. We don’t have to be controlled by thoughts that run wild. Instead, we can submit our thoughts to the leadership of Christ.

Week 4: 9/13 & 9/17 – TREVOR MILLER