Creatures of Habit

Keeping Your Head Above Water

From September 26th – October 21st we will be teaching through a series called Creatures of Habit. Below is our overview and the individual weeks and topics. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

Series Overview: It takes 21 days to form a habit. We are creatures of habit and begin new ones all the time without even knowing it. What we believe determines what we do and what we do determines who we become. Are you becoming the kind of person you want to be? We are creatures of habit… choose wisely.

Promise or Poison (Scripture Study) – Trevor Miller, Week 1: We are creatures of habit and begin new ones all the time without even knowing it. Habits are a three step process: cue, routine and reward and we can change a habit by replacing the routine. Making studying scripture a habit of your life can help you determine the poisonous tapes that we run in our heads all day long. Many of us are in the habit of listening to all the negative input from friends, family, social media and society. The Bible offers truth that can help you reorient your entire life. It’s our choice

Scriptures Used: Psalm 19:7-14 |Psalm 119:97

Maintain a Healthy Distance (Simplicity) – Stallion, Week 2: We have a tendency to be so over stimulated with stuff and material things that we become addicted to it. There is health in stepping away and finding contentment as a habit. Developing a habit of gratitude and thankfulness makes our hearts healthy and strong.

Scriptures Used: Philippians 4:11-13 | Matthew 6:25-27

Heart Habit (Worship) – Oakley Dickson, Week 3: Worship is when we are willing to give of ourselves at great expense to honor God. Making a habit of viewing Christ as more valuable than anything else in our lives creates in us a heart of worship. We all worship something, the question is what do we worship?

Scriptures Used: Luke 7:36-50

Skeletons In The Closet (Confession) – Anna Wills & Charity Ramsey Week 4: A form of worship is confession. Having a sober self assessment and being willing to be open and honest about what needs to be forgiven. This is an act that can be awkward at first but can become a regular practice as time goes on. A habit of confession keeps us humble and regularly reminds of of where we have come from.

Scriptures Used: Luke 18:10-13