With Covid this year and some of our restrictions, we knew we were not able to host our 2 spring events Believe and Chi Alpha. So instead, we are creating for our students, the BEST WKND EVER, a student ministry one day conference that will tie in to our Sunday morning service.

On Saturday, March 20th we will open the doors of our church to 2 high energy large group sessions with a guest speaker (Carlos Whittaker), times of worship, we are hosting some breakout session on fun and relevant topics, 2 socially distanced meals, intentional hang outs and plenty of surprises. We will meet that Saturday starting at 9:15 am and rock on till 10:30pm. Students will then go home and Sunday morning we will then attend the Contemporary Services as an extension of our weekend.
MS will attend the 9:00am
HS will attend the 10:45am

It is going to be great, no awesome, no it’s going to be the BEST WKND EVER!

Cost is $30 | includes 2 meals, t-shirt and free time activities


Saturday, March 20th
9:15 am – Check-In Begins (in the breezeway between 2 buildings)
10:00am – Session 1 (in the auditorium)
12:00pm – Lunch from Food Trucks
1:30pm – Breakout Session 1 (various topics and speakers)
2:30pm – Break
2:45pm – Breakout Session 2 (various topics and speakers)
3:45pm – Hang out and Free Time
5:00pm – Dinner (box dinner from CFA)
6:30pm – Session 2 (in the auditorium)
9:00pm – Group Activity (outdoor event)
10:30pm – Student Pickup

Sunday, March 21st
9:00am – Middle School students attend Contemporary Service with event t-shirt
10:45am – High School students attend Contemporary Service with event t-shirt


  • What is the BEST WKND EVER?
    It is an all day student conference to replace Believe and Chi Alpha due to Covid 19 limitations.
  • How long will this event last?
    This event will start at 9:15am and go till 10:30pm and then the following morning we will host our students in the 2 contemporary services. MS will attend the 9am and HS will attend the 10:45am.
  • Why will they attend different services?
    With our current Covid restrictions, our Sunday morning services have had limited seating. While we want students to come and celebrate the end of this BEST WKND EVER, we don’t overwhelm our regular attendees.
  • Who will be preaching Sunday morning?
    The guest speaker for the BEST WEEKEND EVER, Carlos Whittaker, is a nationally known speaker, author and influencer. He has spoken for 2 of our men’s conferences in the past and is an excellent communicator. Our church is excited to have him speak for our students as well as our Sunday morning audience, we believe students will be excited to hear him on Sunday morning as a close to their WKND.
  • Why does this event cost $30?
    The cost will cover the expense of 2 meals, a t-shirt for students as well as additional conference expenses.
  • What will the sessions look like?
    Each session will be a high energy worship service. We will have some incredible times of worship, some teaching from our guest speaker but also we will have a lot of fun, games, videos, giveaways and more. This will be like a Wed or Sun night programming on steroids!
  • What will the breakouts look like?
    We will have 4 different breakouts covering fun and relevant topics for students. Each speaker will run their breakout 2 times and students will get a chance to choose 2 of the 4 breakouts.
  • What will free time look like?
    We will have 2 outdoor areas set up on for Middle School students and one for High Schoolers. Each space will be crafted for the appropriate age group and include music, games, inflatables, areas to sit and talk as well as tables to eat at. Whenever there is some free time or a break in the schedule, they will be able to move to these areas for some high energy fun!