Back To School Bash 2018

Hard to believe that it’s already that time of year again… time to go back to school. Here at Mt. Horeb Students we have found one way to alleviate the blues of returning to school is to have fun! And so we are at it again, with our Back to School Bash.

That’s right! Saturday, Aug 25th after the first week of school we have one of our most epic events for Middle School Students. Join with 300 middle schoolers for a time of fun, celebration and non-stop excitement to celebrate the beginning of the new school year.

Parents can drop 6th-8th students off in the back part of Mt. Horeb UMC at 6:30pm and pick them up at 8:30pm. There will be a black Mt. Horeb UMC tent and Orange Student Ministry flags to delineate the entrance to the event.

inflatables. Every year we rent a variety of inflatable rides. This year we have some interactive blow up games like an Archery Station, Soccer Wall, Basket Hoops to name a few as well as some of our classic favorites.

ga-ga ball. As a crowd favorite, you know ga-ga ball will be a part of our set up! Join other teens in this free-for-all elimination game where all can enter, and only one will exit victorious. For explanation of rules and sample game play of ga-ga ball, click here.

9 square in the air. Played just like 4-square, PLUS 5 and in the air, this game is sure to students of all skill levels involved. The ball will start from the King Square in the middle and it is your job to keep it out of your box, and into the space of your opponents. Team up, spike, do what you must, and in the end… see how long you can be the King of the 9 Square. Check out real life video footage and rules here.

nerf wars. Join us this year as we introduce, for the very first time at B2SB: NERF WARS!!! Students will enter our indoor arena, given safety glasses, a gun, and game instructions. Once the time begins, it will be an all out nerf war of epic proportions. We are so excited for this event!

music. what’s a back to school bash without quality music! Join us and our DJ as we rock out to some quality music. You can let it ring out in the background as you jump from game to game, or join in the dancing with your friends! Did somebody say group dances?

food and snacks. Each year we try and provide some refreshments for purchase. We encourage students to bring around $10 or so in case they want to try more than one option. Right now we have confirmed


Now that you have a better idea about what to expect, all that’s left to do is to drop off your middle schooler!