Life is Better Together

The invitation of Jesus is not only to believe, but to come and follow Him as well. A disciple is someone who has accepted that invitation and made the choice to orient their lives around who Jesus is, what Jesus has done, and what Jesus is still doing in the world today. The goal of our adult ministry is to come alongside you in your commitment to follow Jesus and help you take that next step in your relationship with Him.

Core Groups

Statistics show that adults have few close friends. God’s design is for our spiritual formation to happen in close community. When we struggle, we need a brother or sister to offer us the strength of Christ. When we sin, we need a brother or sister to offer us the forgiveness of Christ. When we are weak, Christ in our brother or sister is strong. This is how we know God’s peace and God’s promises. That is why we are launching Core Groups.

What is a Core Group?
A Core Group is a group of three to five people, of the same gender, who read together, pray together, and meet weekly to become the love of God for one another and the world.

Through participating in a Core Group, we can more fully know the assurance of God’s love and reach our full potential in Christ.

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