Student Ministry Final Fall Series

So often, in our routines and “going through the motions,” we can find ourselves coming to church over extended periods of time- learning about Jesus, learning the “right” things to say, and creating a clean external life- all the while having an internal life full of questions, doubts, and fears that we never deal with… And we wonder why we’re unhappy! 

During the month of November, we will be doing a series about specific topics that students and adults alike struggle with on a daily basis.
The series title is:

TBH (What I’m Really Thinking…) 

The term TBH is used a lot by students, meaning “To Be Honest.” We wanted to take the next 4 weeks and create a space where we can get honest about the things we are really struggling with, the lies that we believe, and how to start dealing with them moving forwards. 

We will take an in-depth look at our Insecurities, Anxieties, Relationship Problems, and Desires that we all deal with. 

Week 1 – 10/30 & 11/3
TBH… I’m Insecure – Daniel “stallion” Stevanus
We often hear students try to act tough or like they have it all figured out. With that type of disposition it’s actually surprising that so many deal with insecurity. The truth is we often don’t believe in ourselves but try to overcompensate with being funny, picking on others, or trying to fit in.

We will look at who God says we are, and how we can believe and rest in that truth. Not worrying about how others view us.

1st Samuel 16:7 | Philippians 3:3-10

Week 2 – 11/6 & 11/10
TBH… I’m Anxious – Anna Wills
Anxiety is something the younger generation struggles with in a major way. The data pointing to this is staggering but not many have truly identified the root causes. We want to share some of the info we’ve gathered from our students and talk about some of the real struggles that are out there. Ultimately we believe that our walk with God can help us in times of anxiousness and stress. We want to understand how that works, and how we can apply this to our lives daily.

1 Peter 5:6-7 | Philippians 4:6-9 | John 14:25-27

Week 3 – 11/13 & 11/17
TBH… I’m Bad at Relationships – Trevor Miller
We all are in relationships. We are social beings, we interact with parents, teachers, friends, boyfriend and girlfriends, neighbors, peers, acquaintances etc.. so how can we make the most of our relationships? What are healthy boundaries in dating? And what are some practical ways to live in peace with siblings? What do we do with people we like? How do we coexist with people we don’t like? What do we do when we blow it in our relationships?
Come and find out what God’s Word has to say about relationships of all kind with a special focus on dealing with the opposite sex.

John 21:4-19 | Ephesians 6:1-3 | 1 Corinthians

Week 4 – 11/20 & 11/24
TBH… I’m Missing Something – James Rickers
It’s normal to want things. Stuff seems fun, exciting, fulfilling. Too often, however, we chase material things that just end up leaving us empty. We look at what others have, assume they are happier than us, and really they are thinking the same about us. This can be a tough cycle for us to break but Scripture is clear that the cure is G R A T I T U D E.
As we near Thanksgiving 2019 we want to end this series with a reminder to be grateful and allow that joy to fill us.

Psalm 100 | Psalm 118:24