Mt. Horeb’s Response

Keith Hudson, our lay leader and co-chair of The Way Forward Committee, shares our response to the division in the United Methodist Church.

The Authority of Scripture

Senior Pastor Jeff Kersey shares how the authority of scripture is being challenged in the United Methdodist Church today.


Faithful to God’s Future

Pastor Trevor Miller shares his long history in the United Methodist Church and his prayer for our future.

Commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Worship Director Grace Marie Ward addresses the need for us to remain commited to the foundations given to us in the Bible.

UMC Trust Clause Explained

As part of our Way Forward Committee, Kent spent a great deal of time learning about the Trust Clause of the UMC. He explains what this means for Mt. Horeb.

The UMC Left Us

Martha Thompson, one of our lay delegates, explains her postion on the current state of the United Methodist Church.

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