Have you ever been hurt so badly by someone that you desperately wanted revenge? When we’re treated cruelly or unfairly, it’s natural to want justice. But what does “justice” really mean? Is it only about handing out consequences and punishment to the people who have wronged us? Or could it be about something more? There’s someone in the Old Testament of the Bible whose life has a lot to teach us about justice.

In this 4-week series, the story of Joseph will help us see that justice is love in action and that, when we’re wronged by others, we can hold on to hope, trust that integrity can withstand injustice, and learn to practice justice that restores what’s broken.

Justice Is Love in Action

Have you ever wanted to get even with someone who hurt you? I mean, they hurt you, so it’s only fair if they experience some pain in return, right? We get it. We’ve been there. But there’s this saying, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” It’s a reminder that, when we’re all trying to get revenge, the cycle of pain never ends.

But what’s the alternative?

How do we balance forgiving others with standing up for ourselves? And is it possible that “getting justice” is about more than just punishing people who’ve hurt us? There’s a guy named Joseph, who you can read about in the Old Testament of the Bible. Like all of us, I’m sure, Joseph once had to deal with some pretty major hurt inflicted by his own family. Check out his story, because it reveals something important, and it’s this: justice isn’t just about revenge. Justice is love in action.

Week 1: 2/16 & 2/20 – Daniel “stallion” Stevanus
Scripture: Genesis 37:11 | 1 Corinthians 13:1-7

When There Is Injustice, Hold On to Hope

Have you ever met someone who was way too cheerful? Like, annoyingly optimistic? The kind of person who, no matter what is going on, will tell you to “look on the bright side,” or “hope for the best,” or “turn that frown upside down?” Ugh! Like, sure, sometimes we all need an attitude adjustment, but when life gets really hard, a happy little cliche isn’t going to fix things.

Whether it’s a crisis or tragedy in your life, a friend’s life, or in the world, there are plenty of reasons for us to feel hopeless sometimes. There’s a guy named Joseph in the Bible who felt this too. His brothers betrayed him, left him for dead, and sold into slavery — a pretty unjust and hopeless situation. But in that moment, Joseph didn’t just “look on the bright side.” He put his hope in the God he trusted would never leave him.

And like Joseph, when there’s injustice, we too can hold on to hope.

Week 2: 2/23 & 2/27 – Palmer Dill
Scripture: Genesis 27:17-28 | Psalm 138:7-8 | Romans 8:36-39

Integrity Can Withstand Injustice

Have you ever been accused of something you definitely didn’t do? Whether it was a major accusation or something small and not at all important, it’s frustrating, right? You might feel angry, or powerless, or afraid, or all of the above. When you’re innocent, false accusations are always going to feel unjust — because they are.

In the Bible, we can find the story of a guy named Joseph, who faced a similar challenge. He was accused of something he never did and was even punished for it. But through it all, here’s what Joseph did: he held on to his integrity — his character. He trusted God would let truth win in the end, even if it took time.

So the next time you’re accused of something you didn’t do, remember Joseph’s example. Instead of focusing on the people who’ve hurt you, focus on building and maintaining a character that honors God. Because integrity can withstand injustice.

Week 3: 3/9 & 3/6 – Allie Redmond
Scripture: Genesis 39:1-23 | Psalm 1:1-3 | 1 Peter 3:15-17

God’s Justice Restores What Is Broken

Can you think of anyone you’re holding a grudge against right now? Or maybe someone you don’t talk to anymore because a disagreement or hurt ruined the relationship? Look, sometimes it is the right call to part ways with someone when your relationship just isn’t healthy. But if we ended relationships every time someone hurt us . . . well, we’d eventually end up all alone.

There’s a guy in the Bible named Joseph who spent a long time separated from his family because of some major conflict. When Joseph finally crossed paths with his brothers after lots of years (and lots of pain), he had a choice — to take revenge or give forgiveness. Joseph knew forgiving his brothers wouldn’t erase what they had done to him, but it would begin the healing process for him and his family too. Guess what he chose.

Joseph’s story is a beautiful example of God’s justice — justice that doesn’t just punish, but seeks to restore what is broken. 

Week 4: 3/16 & 3/20 – Palmer Dill
Scripture: Genesis 45:1-8 | Luke 6:27-38 | Romans 12:17-21