• Exhibit Christian character and love for Jesus Christ
  • Exhibit caring relationships with members and general public
  • Promote unity among the church staff and the congregation
  • Uphold and fulfill the core values of Mt. Horeb Church
  • Support the ministry of Mt. Horeb Church through prayer, attendance, participation and tithing principles
  • Commitment to worship on a regular basis
  • View your position as a ministry to the church by serving others


  • Oversee recruitment and communication of Kids Choir (1st-5th grade) and Student Choir (6th-8th grade)
  • Organizes and directs JOY Choir (Special Needs Adults)
  • Direct choirs, choosing music alongside the Traditional Worship Director
  • Rehearses weekly during programming seasons of Fall and Spring for Kids Choirs & JOY Choir // Rehearses as needed to prepare for events for Student Choir
  • Prepare Kids Choir to sing for Sunday morning worship (2x in Traditional; 2x in Contemporary) // Prepare Student Choir to sing in Sunday morning worship (at least 2x) // Prepare JOY Choir to sing in Sunday morning worship (at least 2x in Traditional)
  • Work with Kids, Students and Special Needs Ministries to have successful choirs and to promote the opportunity of these choirs
  • Organizes and directs JOY Choir (Special Needs Adults)
    • Oversees the JOY Choir Christmas program for family and friends (typically in November)
    • Promotes and oversees registration for Kids Worship Camp (1-week in July, Mon.-Thurs.)
    • Plans and executes Kids Worship Camp, alongside Traditional Team
    • Recruits 4 strong vocalists (Kids Quartet) from Kids Choir for the Christmas Musical
    • Rehearses and prepares Kids Quartet for Christmas Musical program
    • Attends all joint Christmas Musical rehearsals the week prior to performance weekend


  • Assist as needed for major church events (VBS weeks, Christmas Eve, Easter, etc)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in worship, elementary education or music preferred
  • Experience in leading music worship areas with children, youth and adults
  • Organizational and administration skills necessary
  • Proven leadership qualities
  • Ability to work with others in a team environment
  • Striving for excellence in ministry


  • Part Time (10 hrs/wk) // Dependent on season and assignments, anything over 20 hours requires approval
  • Reports to Traditional Worship Director
  • Located in Lexington, SC

To apply, forward your resume to Chris Carver at and Melodie Griffin at