Fifteen hundred years, forty authors, sixty-six books—all inspired by God to reveal the mystery of His redemptive plan. From beginning to end, the Scriptures unravel major themes that help us piece together the work of God in the world. Nothing was done by accident. Each one, like a prism, reveals to us a different aspect of God’s plan to restore His creation. The Bible doesn’t have to be an enigma, all we have to do is put the pieces together.


The relationship between God and His Creation has always been built around a covenantal connection. For a covenant to be effective, both sides must stay true to their end of the bargain.

Throughout biblical history, humankind has failed over and over again, but God has always been faithful. Through Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, He kept both God’s end of the covenant and ours.

Week 1: 9/20 & 9/24 — CHRIS MORGAN


When the Jewish people neglected the authority of God, they found themselves oppressed in a foreign land. Without freedom, they were enslaved against their will. Like the Jewish people, all of humanity is in bondage to a greater captor: sin.

God’s rescue of His people out of Egypt was a foreshadowing of a rescue for all of humanity. The first Exodus was led by Moses but the greater Exodus was led by Jesus.

Week 2: 9/27 & 10/1 — TREVOR MILLER


The entire Old Testament was built on a sacrificial system. Annually, priests would make offerings on behalf of a sinful people to make them right in the eyes of God. These sacrifices were insufficient, leaving God’s people in a cycle of sin.

There would have to be a greater sacrifice, a Messiah willing to give up His own life to redeem all of Creation.

Week 3: 10/4 & 10/8 — CHRIS MORGAN


The backdrop of the Bible is made up of two kingdoms. One is the kingdom of Earth that is ruled and defined by evil. The other is the Kingdom of Heaven, ruled by God and defined by love.

This Kingdom of Heaven is a now and not yet reality that we can welcome into the world when we live in obedience to God.

Week 4: 10/11 & 10/15 — ALLIE REDMOND