In the scriptures, we read about both disciples and rabbis. Disciples were learners. Rabbis were teachers. It was said that disciples would follow their Rabbis so closely, that they would be covered in the dust that would be kicked up from the Judean countryside as they traveled.

Christianity, in its simplest form, is following Jesus as our Rabbi. Not just to think like he thought, but to do what he did. 


Discipleship in the Bible is really not as complicated as we often make it. Sometimes, we have to go back to the basics to grasp the full understanding.

The invitation to disciples from Christ in the Gospels was two words, “follow me”. It’s simple, and yet sometimes we miss it. So, how do we return to the original intention of discipleship? Simply, by following Jesus.

Week 1: 1/10 & 1/14 — TREVOR MILLER


Following Jesus may be simple, but it is not easy. To be a true disciple is going to cost us something. That cost is laid out for us in Scripture.

It is important to count the cost of what the Father is truly asking of us so we can remain faithful to the end.

Week 2: 1/17 & 1/21 — CHRIS MORGAN


The truest thing about us is that we are loved by God. It is out of his love that he shapes and molds us. It is out of love that He calls us to become like Him.

Discipleship is about receiving the love of God to walk in the love of God. To understand the love of God so that we can show that love to others.

Week 3: 1/24 & 1/28 — DAVID OLSHINE


The final instruction given to the disciples by Jesus was to go into all the world to make more like themselves. To share what had changed their lives with anyone they come into contact with.

Discipleship is about multiplication, not addition. Every individual who becomes a disciple has been tasked with the same mission, because God wants to do the same work that he has done in you, in others.

Week 4: 1/31 & 2/4 — BRYCE HOLDMAN