How many concerts are in a typical season?

A season will consist of 3 concerts.

How and when will I receive my allotted tickets?

You can pick your tickets up from the church or we can mail them to you. We will notify you when we have tickets available for pick up at the church.

Why would Q&A not be available for every artist?

There are some artists that prefer not to do a Q&A. That will be a decision they make and we will communicate that as soon as we know.

Is registration required for the reception?

Prior to the concert, we will be asking the sponsors how many people will be attending as their guests, so that we can plan. But, there is no formal registration link. Hors d'oeuvre receptions will be held before each concert.

How will I receive and use a merchandise voucher?

As a sponsor you will recieve a $25 merchandise voucher to each concert. We will have a voucher at the merchadise tables with your name on it at each concert.

Will my sponsorship be tax deductible?

The amount deductable will be your sponsorship minus the cost of each ticket.

How will Concerts at Mt. Horeb typically communicate information to me?

As a sponsor, you may frequently hear from us by email or phone call. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us.